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The Pro-RISE programme proffered by ProSofos is a veritable potpourri of top-notch, industry-endorsed, and interactive skill-building exercises that are designed to augment the careers of aspirants from all walks of life.

Whether you are a recent graduate, grappling with a dearth of employment opportunities or a student, aiming to hone your skills in the course of your academic pursuits - Pro-RISE can provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a global talent pool.

What is Pro-RISE? 

Pro-RISE is a six-month work-based training programme that seeks to furnish trainees with a hands-on, immersive, and engaging experience in which they can work on several global projects and communicate directly with a team of fifty-plus personnel and clients from North America.

Gain a competitive edge in the job market and achieve your career goals with precision. Get trained on these four highly sought-after industry approved courses:

Our courses

Graphic Designing

From pixels to print - unravel the art of captivating visuals & master the magic of visual communication.

Digital Marketing

From social media to SEO - navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online promotion

Content Management System

Learn to wield web builders that shape the online world – create websites & organize content effort lessly

Communication skill & Personality Development

Articulate ideas with finesse and foster meaningful connections. Boardroom pitch or a casual chat - master the art of communication

Preview the Syllabus Shaping Your Career Journey

Drawing insights from market demands and inspired by industry experts, we have meticulously crafted a compr
ehensive syllabus designed to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. Explore the syllabus for Graphics Designing and Digital Marketing below:

Graphic Designing

Digital Marketing

Content Management System (CMS)

Communication Skills & Personality Development

Tools Usage (Adobe Photoshop) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - On & Off Page Introduction to CMS Greetings, Introduction, & Role-Playing Scenarios
Image Colouring, Retouching & Manipulation Technical SEO Types of CMS & Its Usage Vocabulary Building & Fluency Practice
Typographic Design Content Marketing What are website builders? Presentation Skills & Confidence Building
Cartoon Caricature Email marketing About Publish Mason, Important terms Grammar Fundamentals & Idioms and Phrases
E-Commerce Product Banner Design Social marketing Making Digital Marketing Assessments using Hotjar and Yoast SEO Email Etiquettes & Listening Skills
Adobe Illustrator Organic Social Media Developing websites using blocks and widgets Personal Grooming and Personality Development
Vector based Illustration Paid Social Media Setting up a website Daily Conversations & Speech Flow Exercises
Logo Design Google Ads Maintaining and managing client instances Interpersonal Skills & Corporate Etiquettes
Visiting Card Design Marketing Proposal
Poster Design Funnel Building
Usage of tools in work area(Adobe Figma) Reporting (Monthly, Weekly Client Facing)
Dextop Web Design Google Adsense
Video Editing With Sound Affiliate Marketing
Movie Poster Wikipedia Pages Setup
Logo Pitch Reddit and Snapchat Marketing
T-shirt Design Youtube account and monetization
Paper Cutout Design Multilingual SEO for global audiences
Tab App Design Influencer partnerships and co-branding
Comic Cover page Colouring Algorithms and echo chambers
Magazine Cover Page Viral marketing and network effects.
Template design in Typography Strategies for effective influencer collaborations.
Video Advertisement & Social Media Post Chatbots and AI-driven customer support

Meet Our Trainers

Unlock your growth with us. Our ingenious Trainers of professionals is
determined to help you accomplish your goals through meticulous planning
and world-class solutions.

Maria Rahim

Communication Skills

Communication Skills, Soft Skills and Personality Development
Qualification :Master of Arts in Psychology from Modern College Affiliated to Pune University.
Year of Experience : Over 5 years of experience of training students, working professionals,

Manish Bhatnagar

Graphic Designing

Adobe Softwares - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, After Effects, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Vfx, 2D Animation(Traditional), Photography
Qualification :Masters in Fine Art (M.F.A- Visual Communication) Delhi College Of Art -Delhi University South Campus
Year of Experience :05 Years experience of Training students from Different University and Institute , 1.4 Year of experience with two different company as a Graphic Designer & 2D Animator

Shubham Raut

Digital Marketing

Qualification :Masters in Digital Marketing from IMT Gaziabad
Year of Experience : 4 Years or experience in Digital Marketing and 2 years of Experience in Teaching

What Can You Achieve from Pro-RISE?

Without a doubt, the Pro-RISE programme provides an extensive array of benefits that can assist trainees in enhancing their skill sets and gaining a competitive edge.

The programme offers ample work exposure, which can help aspirants develop a multi-dimensional perspective on a range of domains such as: 

Information Technology 

Content Development & Marketing

Human Resources

Graphics and UI/UX Designing


Digital Marketing 

Brand Strategy & Development

In addition, the programme gives trainees access to industry-approved software and tools that can help them master cutting-edge applications such as:


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro


MS Office Suite


Canva Pro

Furthermore, Trainees achieve the following benefits 

Equipping Talents with In-demand Skills: This is How We Prepare Our Resources for Success

We bridge the gap between industry demands and our interns' skill sets by providing comprehensive training in the following ways:

  • Undertake business communication training course that assists in improving their language skills and business vocabulary
  • Learn corporate etiquettes, which can help trainees present themselves in a professional and appropriate manner.

Aspirants who complete the Pro-RISE programme can benefit significantly from the work experience they gain, which can serve as a stepping stone towards securing high-paying job opportunities in both domestic and international job markets. To this end, ProSofos offers placement services to trainees who have successfully completed the programme.

In conclusion, the Pro-RISE programme is a paid internship opportunity that offers trainees a chance to work remotely from the comfort of their homes.

The programme's duration is six months, and trainees who complete the programme will receive training completion and work experience certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

The PRO-RISE course spans an extensive period of six months, allowing for a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the subject matter.

Upon successful completion of the PRO-RISE program, graduates will be awarded the coveted Training Completion Certificate and the Work Experience Completion Certificate, signifying their level of proficiency in the field.

Yes our trainees will be paid an amount of INR 2500 per month for 4 months each, provided they pass an aptitude test on the completion of the training after 2 months.

No, the PRO-RISE program offers a remote working model, enabling students to work comfortably and efficiently from the confines of their home environment.