Prosofos- Accelerating your business

Digital Presence Enhancement

How many followers do you have on your social media account? Would you like to increase your digital presence? You can expand your audience with ProSofos. At ProSofos, we use an integrated approach to assess your digital presence. After assessment, we implement our targeted strategies to efficiently boost your digital growth. The result is a robust digital presence that you WANT and NEED to drive customer interaction.

Enhancing Your Digital Growth

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Staffing and Hiring Services

A company is as good as its employees. Do you want to grow your business? If yes, then, hire the right people. Are you confused how to do that? Well, you can count on ProSofos to provide the best staffing solutions to help you get exceptional resources. Our major services are Contract Staffing, Direct Hiring, and Remote Working.

Just the talent pool you need

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

The work paradigm has transformed drastically. Employers are offering employees a competitive advantage to work from home. But, are you worried about keeping track of all the data, managing the security and taking care of low productivity issues? ProSofos offers you "Desktop as a Service (DaaS)," a tested solution that was formerly only available to large multi-national corporations. DaaS is a fully managed VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure) solution that is faster and better than your local desktop. With ProSofos DaaS, your employees can work from anywhere without worrying about security and productivity.

Work from anywhere everywhere

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Other Services

Innovative ideas for an
innovative future

Technology Consulting

Our Consulting experience spans 20+ years working with Fortune 100 companies and FI’s. Using our inhouse consultants’ expertise, we support you with strategic business plans. We then translate those plans into execution, thus shaping your company's growth.


Content Research & Support

We at ProSofos work with you and cater to create content that adds value to your brand & end customer. We identify the right choice of words that resonate with your business’ goals to benefits your brand visibility and drive growth.

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Why us ?

At ProSofos we focus on your needs. Every solution, product we design is cost effective, timely to market and subjected to rigorous tests by our team. ProSofos founding principles are centered around time to market and creativity. The company was formed on the idea of humanizing technology to align creativity with modern technology for smarter solutions to make your work easier, better, & more profitable.

Agile and Effective

The digital ecosystem can be chaotic and complex. Corporations spend hard sought budgets and obtain little value. At ProSofos, we acquire a thorough understanding of customers' priorities, challenges, and expectations. Our agile way of working significantly enhances overall communication, team commitment, and client satisfaction.


Continuous Engagement

During our entire consulting process, we ensure several opportunities to brainstorm and collaborate with client. With our client having awareness and involvement (as much as they desire) in every aspect of the project, there is a prominent level of cooperation between the client and the project team.


Simplified Workflow

We work together to ensure a strategic alignment and efficient workflow across business units, functions, and teams. ProSofos experts in each domain ensure that the entire workflow is simplified. As every process is simplified, we reduce the ‘noise’ and improve alignment of results and client satisfaction.


Open And Transparent

As expert consultants we identify the issue in our client systems and communicate the root cause of the breakdown. Our goal is to solve your toughest, complex, and most critical issues, while also making the entire process transparent and clear.


Result Oriented

Our progressive capability of development and management of technology will lead you to the path of success. Using agile methods & world-class strategies, we help you scale your business. ProSofos caters to deliver business insights iteratively using a collaborative & result-oriented agile work process.


Right And Reliable

We optimize our services to make them more reliable, adaptable, and efficient. To ensure smooth delivery and high impact, we use the right
set of tools and technologies. We believe in offering solutions at the
right cost, at the right time, and with the right quality.