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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS from Prosofos is a fully managed VDI solution
that is faster and better than your local desktops. 
DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) is a platform that caters
to all your remote working requirements such as
applications, desktops and  data. You get to choose
between shared and dedicated desktop models. 
It is time to make a switch to a portable virtual
desktop that enables working from anywhere and
boosts your productivity with desktop virtualization.

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Our Features

One Solution for all Requirements

ProSofos DaaS solution covers an end-to-end JML (joiner, mover, leaver) process. It ensures all the applications such as productivity (E-mail, MSOffice, browser etc.) collaboration (teams etc.), custom apps (department specific apps) and data to be available.

Our Features

Regular Checks and OS upgrades

Any security failure or cyber-attack on your local systems can compromise your vital business information. When you choose us, you get several layers of protection, and your data is encrypted and safe while on DaaS.

Our Features

Enjoy a lag-free experience!

Our virtual desktops are hosted on SSD-based high-performance computing servers with high-resolution graphics. This means you can work on multiple resource-intensive applications at the same time without lag.

Our Features

Undivided focus on business

Are your desktops unable to provide the required performance for intensive applications? With DaaS, you can focus on business while we worry about desktop deployment, implementation, management, scaling, software upgrades, and security. Thus, saving you a lot of money and time.

Our Features

Dedicated Team at your service

While you start using Prosofos DaaS, we understand that you might need our assistance round the clock. Therefore, our team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure a swift response and successful resolution to all your desktop issues.

Our Features

Continuity of Operations

We implement a disaster recovery plan that allows you to access your vital business applications and desktops even if a data center location is destroyed due to some reason. Our multi-redundant architecture ensures continuous business operation.

Why us ?

You’re in Charge

Keep data access under control without being too restrictive.
The data is easily accessible and stored at the data center.
You have complete control over all company properties.

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Mobility and Employee Productivity

Flexible work hours, collaboration with partners, all at your fingertips.
Experience mobility & respond to customer needs quickly.
Strategic directions to attain value without an unnecessary cost. 

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Adaptability at its Peak

DAAS allows you to quickly connect with all user workstations.
Install and access your desktop virtually, as and when needed.
Use more resources and applications with greater flexibility.

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Hassle-Free Management

Coordinate with your team and manage all ops with ease.
Roll out new applications or patch existing ones within a few clicks.
With Daas, make one update, and everyone is up to date.

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