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We acknowledge that IT projects are complex and therefore require a thorough understanding of customers' priorities, challenges, needs, and expectations. Our agile way of working has significantly enhanced our client communication, team commitment, and client satisfaction.

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Our Services

Technology Consulting

  • We lay a future-ready technological framework for your success.
  • Get strategic technological plans customized to your brand requirements.
  • World-class consulting to shape your company's digital growth.
  • Creation of a roadmap that integrates with your business processes.
  • Complete guidance throughout the digital transformation process.

Our Services

Content research and support

  • Content that bridges the gap between what customers want & what your brand produces.
  • Identification of the right choice of words that resonate with your brand goal.
  • Catering to create content that adds value to your brand & end customer.
  • Content that benefits your business's overall visibility and leads to brand growth.

Our Services

Remote Worker as a service

  • Making remote working the new normal for your organization.
  • Providing you with extraordinary remote technology & remote staff.
  • What’s best? You have complete control of recruiting your offshore workers.
  • Get a handpicked team that is an ideal complement to your current squad.

Our Services

Web Development & Hosting

  • Get the flexibility, reliability, and speed needed to get online.
  • Getting Started with Web Hosting that is Simple and Affordable.
  • Powerful and customized web development solutions.
  • Get SEO-friendly, responsive websites that are suited to your specific needs.

Our Services

CRM Services

  • Keep your customers at the center of everything.
  • Accelerate your business growth with easy to use CRM tool.
  • Lower your operating costs and increase your closing ratio.
  • Attain customer satisfaction and enhance consumer interaction.
  • Solve Support Tickets with easy to implement CRM

Our Services

Mobile Application Development

  • Super fast mobile app that is customized according to your business needs.
  • World-class UI/UX design & along regular updates & testing.
  • Development of an iterative product roadmap to create a viable app model.
  • Deployment, licensing and after development support.

How we work?

We discover unique solutions to your complex
problems with our leading experts in IT and Business management. We first assess your brand and your competitors, recommend timely strategic solutions, implement recommendations along with your inputs
to finally enhance & manage your brand through our services.

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Intensive Website

Maintenance Services


Website Content


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A stale and sluggish website takes your customers right to the competition’s arms. While the goal of your site is to raise awareness or sell a product, it cannot remain static forever.

As your business keeps growing, your website needs changing. Maintaining websites in order to attract and keep customers, reduce operational expenses, and support end-to-end needs is essential.

We, at ProSofos, believe that maintenance is a full-time task that needs continual assistance. We keep an eye on your site to make sure it is working smoothly, and if it isn’t, we find ways to enhance its speed and troubleshoot all issues.

We are your one-stop solution for a fully maintained digital profile. Our services go beyond basic website upkeep to implement best practices to maximize your site’s performance and guarantee a seamless online experience.

Our twofold strategy includes background maintenance to improve your current digital profile plus adaptation to latest trends to maximize future performance.

Our maintenance services include version upgrades, the removal of old plugins, website health checks, platform migration, thorough security checks and up-to-date and accurate information by updating your website content, removing non-existing products, and changing service costs.