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Remote working is the new normal. The pandemic has already taught us the importance of remote working. Do you want to hire a remote team but are concerned about productivity issues and controlling? Well, we can help you get rid of all such issues.

The elevating technology has made everything flexible and we at ProSofos make the best use of in-line technology to provide you with the best remote staff.

Benefits: –

  • Reduced time spent on a stressful and unpleasant commute.
  • Access to a large pool of employees who possess the best skill set for the position.
  • Eliminated training costs as you get to choose the BEST.
  • Expert support in implementing remote working models.
  • Assessing and analyzing your current working environment & mobilizing your teams and partners toward the adoption of a superior remote working environment.
  • Assisting users in adopting new digital tools, technologies, and processes.
  • Providing secure and dependable remote working solutions.
  • Cost-effective cloud-based desktop solutions that enable your employees to work independently while you maintain control and direction.
  • Strategic guidance and expert advice round the clock.

Top Class Remote Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Disk Profile
  • Support & Deployment
  • Qualified Remote Workforce
  • Remote Networking Tools
  • Online Work Management
  • Dedicated Local Phone Numbers

Since your team is handpicked by you and reports directly to you, we give you complete control over the design and composition of how we recruit your offshore workers. Our remote staff will be an ideal complement to your current squad. We set ourselves apart from other business process outsourcing companies, and we’ll show you how by assisting you in putting together the ideal squad!

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